GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament - YEAR 2018

The fifth GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament was held on June 30 -  July 01, 2018.

This year we have established new tradition and started the tournament with “get together” party on Friday, June 29th when we had special Nearest to the Pin competition.

​This annual 24-hour golf marathon was more than simply an unforgettable 24 hours of golf. We have faced all the possible changes of the nature during th

e tournament as it was only one cold weekend in the whole summer. However, golfers and guests have enjoyed the show, the game, the atmosphere.

The tournament was dedicated to the most significant event of the year - World Football Championship held in Russia. St.Petersburg was one on the host cities and we have enjoyed all the aspects of the game and joined the real football festival.

The length of the game was 72 holes for the gentlemen and 36 holes for the ladies and juniors.
More than30 teams took part in the competition, the total number of golfers was 100. This was another important season as the GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament is no longer “Men and Ladies Only”, we are delighted to say that this summer juniors joined the Marathon!

Opening ceremony together with Zabivaka, the official mascot of the World Football Championship, continued with welcoming of all the teams and handing over of the White Nights 24 hours Player Certificates. “Fathers of the Tournament” Graham Drummond and Sergey Koldin were gifted with real star certificate and official star of the GORKI White Nights 24 HRS was lighted up in the sky.   

As the tournament was dedicated to the football, referees were dressed up as football referees and they had yellow and red cards together with the whistle to be able to stop the game should there be any violations from the game. And they did use the staff to direct the golfers to “soup brake” held on the 19th hole. ​

The marathon began at noon on 30th June and during the following 24 HRS the players went through an unforgettable experience that is created by the of atmosphere and enthusiasm of GORKI Golf & Resort.

GORKI Restaurant Chef Vladimir Minkevich and his team were busy with the non-stop gastronomic surprises that were available in the Clubhouse and grill house on 19th hole​

A football surprise awaited the players after the snack – Penalty Challenge together with Zabivaka. And all the players were writing down their wishes to GORKI Golf & Resort on the giant football ball.

 Free golf lessons for guests, GallaDance dancing on the terrace of the Club house, sparkling wines from Kurorty restaurant, fashion jewelry from Vashe Vysochestvo and perfume degustation from Anastasia Almazova Fashion House, a DJ set, meeting the Cuban torcedor Edoardo and tasting cigars on the terrace of the Club House. Painty Party for the ladies and Football PSP Challenge for the juniors.

At midnight real fireworks marked the halfway point - signal to the players that only another 12 hours of the marathon remained.

When the short night fell on the course the game continued until noon the following day.

The traditional get together for the gala Brunch and prize-giving was at 14:00 with live music in the main tent.

At the end of this great contest prizes for White Nights 24 HRS Tournament 2018 were divided as follows:

1 place - White Knights (Trunov Aleksandr, Krylov German, Peter Jameson)
2 place - АГР (Kochetkov Aleksandr, Tsymbalov Ivan, Filippenko Evgeny)
3 palce - SUPER BALLS (Epeshin Vladimir, Shvedov Sergey, Mayatsky Andrey)

1 place - Wonder Women (Anikina Viktoria, Anikina Yana)
2 place - GORKI Power Girls (Pondat Natali, Selezneva Maria)
3 place - Birdie Girls (Shashkova Maria, Vasilieva Olga)

1 place - Dynasty (Koldin Max, Savchenko Denis)
2 place - Swing Masters (Lavrinenko Mihail, Bryzgunov Semen)
3 place - Cyprus (Antropova Veronica, Antropova Karina)

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