GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament - YEAR 2017 

The fourth GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament was held on June 17 - 18, 2017.

This annual 24-hour golf marathon was more than simply an unforgettable 24 hours of golf. Mother Nature prepared a real treat for all participants and gave everyone a chance to enjoy the fabulous summer days, admire the sunset with the sound of live music and greet the dawn with a thin fog over the sleepy course.

SSt. Petersburg is famous for its naval past and has its roots in the maritime history of Russia and it was this aspect of the city that gave the event its theme as the players sailed along the tricky fairways of GORKI Golf Course.

The length of the game was 72 holes for the gentlemen and 36 holes for the ladies.
22 teams took part in the competition. This was a particularly important season as the GORKI White Nights 24 HRS Tournament is no longer “Men Only”, we are delighted to say that this summer the ladies joined the Marathon!

At the opening ceremony GORKI Golf Club together with ALCUDIA HOUSE & RENTAL SERVICE gave a special prize for "Loyal Players" that have not missed a single year of the marathon since the first Tournament took place. Furthermore, Alexander Kochetkov and Gram Drummond received a voucher for a complimentary golf vacation in Mallorca, Spain.


The symbol of GORKI  White Nights 24 HRS Tournament is a silk neckerchief by the Russian fashion designer Kirill Ovchinnikov. Each and every team was competing for a chance to receive this special and unique item. 


The marathon began at noon on 17th June and during the following 24 HRS the players went through an unforgettable experience that is created by the of atmosphere and enthusiasm of GORKI Golf Club.

GORKI Restaurant Chef Vladimir Minkevich and his team were busy with the non-stop gastronomic surprises that were available in the Clubhouse. On the 9th hole HITCH Restaurant treated the players to their famous steak specialties while on the 16th hole BLOK Restaurant had it's own gastronomic celebration with live music and a little support from BCS Ultima Private Banking and their whisky-cart.


On the terrace of GORKI Clubhouse, guests of the tournament had the opportunity to get to understand the new technologies for producing sports polo shirts from MR.SHO. The Italian tailoring workshop held a master classes on the difficulties of waterproofing cotton fabrics!

On the first floor of the Clubhouse there was also an exhibition of Nicole Degtyar, an artist from Saint Petersburg. The exhibition consisted of five oil paintings each with a different impression of golf.

A surprise awaited the players after both the 7th and 16th holes, a "trip across the sea" - a path to the 19th hole! Music, cocktails, snacks and sweet Mashkin Cakes were there for all to enjoy a short pit-stop where players were challenged to chip onto a "Floating Green" before making their way back to the course itself and on with the competition.

Free golf lessons for guests, GallaDance dancing on the terrace of the Club house, delicious sundowners at the Ladoga Premium Collection bar, a DJ set from Jura Sole, meeting the Cuban torcedor Edoardo and tasting Onegin cigars on the course as evening turned to night...

At midnight, 250 glowing balloons soared into the sky, a signal to the players that only another 12 hours of the marathon remained.

When the short night fell on the course the game continued until noon the following day.

The traditional get together for the gala Brunch and prize-giving was at 14:00 with live music in the main tent.

At the end of this great contest prizes for White Nights 24 HRS Tournament 2017 were divided as follows:




1st place: GORKI Team - Baranov Anton, Tsvetkov Dmitriy, Baranchukov Alexey 

2nd place: MBM - Butygin Sergey, Stratan Vladimir, Switkowski Jacek 

3rd place: SUPER BALLS - Epeshin Vladimir, Shvedov Sergey, Mayatskiy Andrey



1st place: BIRDIE GIRLS - Vasilyeva Olga, Shashkova Maria 

2nd place: M&M - Selezneva Maria, Anikina Viktoria 

3rd place: GORKI LADIES - Koldina Olga, Senina Ekaterina

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